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Our Mission
Centre for Management and Marketing Education

Mission Statement Amaacon Centre for Management and Marketing Education (Known as AmaaconEdu) is an educational training organisation whose mission is to provide high quality, professional and first class distance learning online education and accessible services to the general public including executive, corporate, developmental, professional training programmes, organisational consultancy and research.

The values of excellence, accountability and transparency guided by ethical rigour and best practice inform all the Amaacon Centre for Management and Marketing Education (Known as AmaaconEdu) educational training activities.
If you are still unsure about studying for your professional qualifications with us then this section will highlight why you should consider us to be your first option.


Varied reasons to study with us


1. A reputation for excellence

Amaacon Centre for Marketing Education is a dedicated training centre for professional managers and marketers we have a reputation as a centre of excellence and our Tutors are all with higher and professional qualifications and hold Full UK and USA Postgraduate Research degrees.


2. Industry standards

The Professional Certificate, Diplomas and Advanced Diploma qualifications are based on detailed research and constant feedback from employers who have confirmed to the industry the skills and knowledge they require.


3. Academic standards

Our Professional Certificate, Advanced Professional Certificate, Professional Diploma and Advanced Professional Diploma have been tested and approved with higher quality standards.


4. Practical skills to improve performance

The qualifications are driven by the practical needs of managers and marketers and the industries in which they work. They will provide you with practical tools and techniques that can be put to use immediately.


5. High-quality teaching

Our course Tutors combine academic excellence with managerial and marketing expertise.


6. Choose when to study

We can't promise that the qualifications are easy but we try and make studying for them as easy as possible. You can choose from full-time, part-time, blended and distance learning.


7. The benefits of studying with us.

Registering for a course means joining the world of resourceful professional managers and marketers and accessing a valuable range of benefits .These include the Learning Zone, which is full of resources and information to help you with your course and career.


8. Improve your earning potential

According to our Rewards Survey, published annually by leading pay and benefits consultancy, the average professional managers earns about 20 - 30% more than a non-qualified managers over the course of their career.

Our Teaching Faculty
Your Tutors and Professors at the Touch of a Button


our team of professors and business leaders create the backbone of every course. Here are just a few of our contributing professors...

Dr Cragin has a Ph.D. in Management and twenty years of business experience in thirty countries. He has worked for the Entrepreneur Company of the Year (Ernst and Young) and he has received the Entrepreneur Educator of the Year award. He has served as president of Management Technologies International Inc., an international consulting firm. He is also the co-founder and joint venture manager of Intertech Corp., Tianjin, China, and founder of Hunan Management Training Centre, Changsha, China. John has been a business advisor for strategy projects for companies such as GM, Pittsburgh Plate Glass, Sheraton ITT, Peavey, Detroit Edison, Dayton Hudson’s, Great Lake Chemicals, and Motorola. He was done consulting work for major firms in thirty countries and six governments in Asia, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. He has taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr. Buckles teaches in the areas of Internet marketing, marketing strategy, and marketing research. His writings have been published in numerous journals in the areas of Internet marketing, e-commerce, service quality, and internal marketing. He has worked as a consultant for a number of private and public sector firms primarily in the areas of marketing strategy, research, and internet marketing. He has presented his research at several national and international conferences. He is involved in executive training programs for both domestic and international executives. He has received awards for his research and teaching and grants from the Kellogg Foundation and U.S. Navy. Dr. Buckles received his Masters in Marketing at California State University and his Ph.D. from Arizona State University.

His two decades of experience in higher education as a faculty member and administrator are complemented by his experience in the not-for-profit sector, the military, and in the financial services industry. Dr. Harman has experience at all levels of management including stints as a member of state and regional commissions and as a board member. He has served as a consultant for the world-renowned Juran Institute. He spent his post-doctoral study with MIT and the U.S. Army.

Dr. Harman has been published extensively. His research areas of interest include learning objects and knowledge management, online education, scholarly communication, and evaluation of intellectual property. He serves as editor of numerous journals such as the Interdisciplinary Journal of Doctoral Studies (, The Interdisciplinary Journal of Knowledge and Learning Objects (, and The Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management

Dr. Ingram earned his doctorate from the University of South Carolina. He managed Human Resources for a 5,000 member multinational corporation with employees in 68 countries. He has spent fifteen years teaching at the college and graduate level including universities such as Columbia International University, East Carolina University, and Biola University. Dr Ingram’s writings have been published in a number of encyclopaedias, journals, and magazines.


Ashley Ashiru

Ashley Ashiru has well over thirty years of commercial and industrial business experience working with over thirty countries. He has worked for several global and multinational organizations in several fields and in several countries at senior and director levels.

He also teaches in the areas of strategic marketing, global marketing strategy, and import export management. His works and writings have been acknowledged in numerous areas of global marketing, import export management, e-commerce, service quality, and customer relationship marketing. He has worked as a consultant for a number of private and public sector firms primarily in the areas of marketing strategy, customer relationship, and import and export marketing strategy. He has presented his work at several national and international conferences. He is involved in executive training programs for both domestic and international executives. He has received honours for his intellectual knowledge and teaching.

Ashley Ashiru is an Engineer, Entrepreneur, a Chartered Marketer, Fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing United Kingdom and received his Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from CIM United Kingdom and Masters of Arts in Marketing from the University of Northampton.

Our Support Team

Centre for Management and Marketing Education

Sara Simpson Senior Training Consultant
Sara has been with the Company for more than five years. In addition to her role as senior training consultant, Sara helps organizations select programs and resource materials that deepen and sustain their business training opportunities. Her energy has been widely appreciated by our clients. Sara is considered one of the best  leading businesstraining consultants. Her ability to find common language with team members is amazing.

Jim Smith Course Development Manager
Jim Smith has over 8 years of experience in the consulting and business industry and has worked with AmaaconEdu since 2005. Jim works in many national and international industries including: finance, power and utilities, telecommunications, insurance, electronics, retail, fashion, manufacturing as well as not for profit organizations..
As a specialist in business transformational change, Jim cares deeply for the well being of organizations and their people. He specializes in keynotes and training seminars that increase employees awareness and build practical skills to effectively manage the diverse complexity of ages, faces, values, and views.

Ray Great Senior Training Consultant
Ray Great is a business training consultant known for his wit and wisdom. Customers ad Students everywhere appreciate her humorous style and useful techniques, as he combines research and theory with real life experiences. His presentations on business differences have generated desire for learning for over 8 years.