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Business Growth Consulting

If you are in the Manufacturing, Service, Hospitality and Tourism, Finance or Banking Sector, we are able to monitor various aspects of your company on an ongoing basis, acting as your CEO, CFO and Management Team. You will receive access to our business and management expertise 24/7, 365 days a year. You can determine the level of our involvement in your organization. The convenient "implementation feature” makes it affordable for companies of any size to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

There is a vast range of services we can undertake for you far better than you could ever perform for yourself, including: a careful third-party evaluation and review of your business, an operations audit, an analysis of your financial statements & budgeting and expert evaluation of your sales & marketing methods.

In addition to collection of operational & financial data and articulation of best practices for each line of business, our consulting services cover:

  • Business evaluation and review
  • Operational assessment and planning
  • Sales budgeting and estimating processes
  • Marketing strategies and approaches
  • Field methods and procedures
  • Compensation, incentive and job organization strategies
  • Performance management and evaluation
  • Crew and field leader efficiency
  • Sales and design issues
  • And much, much more!



Creating a strategic plan (vision, mission, key result areas, goals). Conducting a SWOT analysis to implement improvements, address challenges and threats, and take advantage of opportunities. Developing the best strategy for growth.Developing strategic alliances.Selecting viable target markets.

Broadening customer base.Creating an effective marketing plan. Managing growth.

(For better, more comprehensive legal information clients are encouraged to contact our In House Solicitors sand Lawyers) Avoiding legal problems, Protect your business from legal action, Obtaining a lease, Advertising legally, Type of legal business organization to start, Developing an employee handbook, Protect yourself from employee lawsuits, Resolving disputes and Conflict Management, Conflict Management and Negotiation, Employee Conflict Management.
Process automation – mailings, estimates, standard calculations, standard forms, letters, etc., Computerizing business – needs assessment, purchase of hardware and software, set up (including networks and Internet), Computerizing customers’ data – obtaining valuable information about customers and sales, setting up data bases.
Increasing your lower, middle and higher management’s abilities to effectively create and sustain true teamwork atmosphere by developing educated, motivated, competent and results-oriented workforce through effective hiring, training, and coaching.