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Corporate Online University


the all inclusive solution for industry leaders


A highly visible demonstration of your commitment to building futures for employees, partners and clients throughout the value chain, this all-inclusive solution is surprisingly cost effective and requires very little work of your HR or IT staff.  In most cases it will transform your training function from a cost centre to a revenue centre with positive cash flow and a healthy return on investment within 18-24 months.  We will design it, build it, brand it, host it, and support it specifically for your company. See an example of what a custom Corporate Online University might look like.

Your custom online university includes…

Accredited virtual reality MBA programs for your company and value chain.
-  Choose a traditional MBA or an International MBA
-  Choose from a growing list of schools ranked in Petersons and US News
-  Get more from your tuition reimbursement budget  
-  Truly self-paced - no release time, no loss of productivity
-  Pay-as-you-go - no need to borrow or upset the family budgets
-  Completely portable – reassigned to Miami or Tokyo?  No problem

Customized packages of accredited Masters level e-courses
-  No need for a degree?  Single courses or custom packages are available

Customized packages of accredited undergraduate e-courses
-  Self-paced, portable, pay-as-you-go, 3D virtual reality
-  Mgt, Mktg, MIS, HRM, Acctg, Int’l Business, Leadership, Strategy and more

Customized packages of certificate level business topic short e-courses
-  We build packages to suit your needs from over 100 topics
-  Planning, Staffing, Branding, Pricing, Communication, Decision Making, Data Base, Motivation, Forecasting, Foreign Exchange Hedging, Sexual Harassment, and many more

Transform training to a new level of effectiveness and efficiency
-  We’ll convert your expensive classroom training into effective, efficient e-training
-  Some of your proprietary training and expertise is world class.  We’ll make it marketable

Executive Dashboard highlights training results
-  On demand, easy to read reports provide instant, real time data on all VLC training
-  Shows progress, performance scores, and satisfaction for every employee in every course

Customized business simulator
-  Custom designed for your market, your simulator trains leaders, builds teams
-  Gaming technology makes this team competition engaging (and a little addictive!)
-  Hold department or office team competitions
-  Solo version allows teams to practice against artificial intelligence

Company and Industry Resource Centre
Your online university becomes the place to go for information and resources
-  Hosts webinars, podcasts, and industry forums