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We create, host and maintain a branded portal for our courses through Virtual Learning Centre. Every screen of every course is linked for your studies! Link seamlessly within your web browsing internet pages. You can start a course trial period immediately by completing our orientation course.

All our V-Learning courses come with a live Course Teaching Assistant/Instructor who is intimately familiar with the course.

Our courses are available to students and faculty 24/7. Both the students and lecturers get an on-demand Assessment Dashboard that tracks student progress, performance and satisfaction in real-time and provides convenient reports for continuing-improvement assessment purposes.

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Lasol is the Platform Leader helping companies deliver on the promise of SOA. Founded in 1997, the company HQ is in City, CA, with offices in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Denver, CO, Waltham, MA, Dublin and London.


Obacle is the world's largest enterprise manufacturing company. Obacle is a complete set of service infrastructure components for building, deploying, and managing manufacturing.

Nexa's Enterprise selling solutions enable enterprises to rapidly sell products over the Web. Nexa's selling solution is proven by more than 7,000 successful global deployments including famous companies.

IBT is a multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in New York, USA. IBT manufactures and sells computer hardware, software, infrastructure services, hosting services and consulting services.

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Uncompromising Pedagogy
Engaging, Vicarious Learning
Less Cost, No Risk On-Line
or In-Class Your Own Learning Web Portal Real-Time Administrative Dashboard Quickly Implemented When “Me Too” is Not Your Style

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What students call “click and snore” technology may be nearing the end of its life-cycle.
The popular press calls online education “e” learning or "electronic learning" - which can conjure up images of those electronic exercise machines of the ‘70s. In many ways, today’s e-learning is an attempt to deliver lecture classes at a lower cost via the Internet. Printed books are replaced with e-books. Lectures are replaced with webcasts. Group discussions are replaced with digital forums. And yet teachers still teach to the middle, reiterating what the students should have learned on their own from the textbook, bogged down in administration, grading and assessment. It seems virtual education has little to do with virtue or virtuosity. Virtual now seems to mean “not really there.”

V–Learning is a Dramatic Improvement
As always, new technologies build on the old and online education is no exception. Nagging concerns are addressed with the advent of V-Learning. The “V” refers to the vicarious learning that is achieved as students become actual participants in real-life drama created in virtual space and time from real people and real organizations dealing with real challenges. V-Learning restores “virtual” to its classic definition: “essence; displaying the full qualities of reality.”

V-Learning courses are something like futuristic text books that allow the students to step through the cover and enter into a real world simulation where they learn by instruction, explanation, observation, practice, feedback and testing, just as they would on the job. V-Learning reawakens the imagination, draws on the power of the story to engage cognition and affect. It frees the teacher to be a mentor and coach to those who need it most. It restores the adventure of learning and the fun of teaching.

Start Now your Study with our V-Learning Course Package
So much more than today’s outmoded “text-books plus CDs”.

·         Use for traditional in-class, hybrid or totally online offerings.

·         Use your Blackboard, Moodle, Angel, Learning House, Desire 2 Learn, eCollege or any other LMS in whatever ways you prefer. Or just use our simple, intuitive tools.

·         A powerful faculty dashboard provides real-time, on-demand tracking of student progress, performance, and satisfaction.

·         Frees faculty to use precious time to mentor those who need the help or could truly excel.

·         Eliminates many of the problems associated with “sections” and gives studies scheduling flexibility.

In a matter of days you can start working towards achieving your qualifications with one or more of our V-Learning courses. We would also be glad to work with you to achieve your dreams with our V-Learning course programmes thereby making you get qualification quickly.

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Enrol for one of our complete Professional Certificat or Diploma Courses on or before1st March 2011 and receive a 20% discount on our total tuition  fee—that’s a great saving on normal course fees. Every student receiving a training consultation before 31st May 2011 is in the draw for a bonus! One Client will receive their next Advanced Diploma course fee at a whopping rebate—saving up to 20% of the course fee.

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Whether you're running a Multi National Corporation or working for yourself, our professional business  training strategies and solutions can help your company to be more effective and productive. A seemless network, innovative training products, great service. Whatever it takes to give your business the edge, AmaaconEdu can support you. All corporate clients are offered special discounts up to15%.