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Certified Internships Programmes

Amaacon Centre for Management and Marketing Education actively seeks to develop all of our students’ skills and abilities in real work environments. While engaging with our business simulators, ‘learn business by doing businesses’ with up to 5 internships with numerous companies, including an American company. Certified Internship Courses are available in management, marketing, human resources, international finance and international business and you receive a sealed certificate of internship upon completion. All students participating in a master’s program have access to our extensive business network for internship opportunities to gain the distinguishing credentials today’s job market requires. Interns do not need to be enrolled in an MBA program to take

advantage of our US company internship.


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Become an intern for Vertical Learning Curve, an American company.

Description of the Internship Experience

1. Orient yourself with the virtual company

Experience the world’s most advanced training by completing a short (2-6 hr) online orientation course.


2. Choose which subject you want to study

Pick an online certificate course in Management, Marketing, Human Resources or International Business. Take your practical insights, knowledge, skills, competency, confidence and character to new levels as we immerse you in the department of a virtual reality company. You will interact with co-workers, customers, vendors, products, and competitors in real industries and markets.


3. Complete beta tester reports

After each module in your certificate course, submit your feedback by completing a VLC beta report. Additionally, make note of any errors or bugs, and send them to as soon as you notice them. Every issue you find helps improve Vertical Learning Curve’s products and services!


4. Attend group mentoring


Prepare for your mentoring sessions by reviewing the current mentoring session guide provided by Vertical Learning Curve. This guide includes the latest tools and resources, challenging business topics from current events, and issues executives face. After preparing, attend local mentoring facilitated by Vertical Learning Curve’s local Provider. At these meetings, you’ll have the chance to discuss these business topics with your peers in small groups. Take this opportunity to network with other interns.


Once you complete these four tasks, your internship is complete. You will receive a Vertical Learning Curve certificate testifying to the successful completion of your US Virtual Internship Experience. Add this experience to strengthen your resume. Additionally, consider taking US accredited courses to upgrade your credentials.